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    UberStrike VIP Hack Features and Definitions

    Head Administrator
    Head Administrator

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    UberStrike VIP Hack Features and Definitions

    Post by ChaoticRift on Mon May 04, 2015 10:33 pm

    Features And Meanings:
    Team Death match= Loads settings for team death match server.
    Death Match= Loads settings for death match server (No teams)

    Aimbot= Auto Aims (Aims the person automatically by just holding shift)

    Target Team= Should the aimbot target your team or not. (If ticked then aimbot will aim your team mates)
    Note: You should enable this in death match Mode.

    Health Bars= Shows the health of a player above the player.

    Skeletons=  See through walls see the player through wall as a skeleton.

    Friendly Skeletons= Shows your team players see through wall as a skeleton.
    Note this should be enabled in death match.

    2D Box= Shows a 2D box on the enemy team players.

    Friendly  2D Box= Shows a 2D box on your team players.
    Note: Should enable for Death Match.

    Lines= Shows lines to the players (Enemy team only)

    Friendly Lines= Basically the same as the lines but this time it shows lines to your team.
    Note: Should enable for Death Match.

    Bottom Lines= The lines which shows players goes until the bottom of the screen instead of middle of the screen.

    No Recoil= No recoil means no kickback on the gun (The gun does not move when you shoot)
    Note: This is important if Aimbot is turned on for it to shoot accurately.

    No Spread= No spread means like shotgun the bullets spread all around so no spread makes it move the bullets to one point.
    Note: This is important if Aimbot is turned on it kills the person faster because all bullets goes to one place.

    Mega Ammo= You have a lot of ammo.

    Instant Kill= It causes more damage the player gets killed faster or instantly.

    PacMan Mode= I am not sure 100% what this is but in Cs Portable VIP you can walk through walls using this hack.

    Show Re-spawn= It shows a re-spawn button on the top middle of the screen so you click re-spawn there's no waiting time.

    Spammer= Everyone should know what this does it spams on the chat write what you want it to spam.

    Speed Hack= It makes you run faster.

    Low Gravity= The game has low gravity when you jump you stay more time on the air its like the space low gravity you float.



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    Re: UberStrike VIP Hack Features and Definitions

    Post by Enderman2 on Tue May 12, 2015 12:14 pm

    I Use this hack 2013 This is Good hack Update The Hack is Every Update the game

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