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    Tutorial C++ How to Make Rapid Fire h4ck

    Head Administrator
    Head Administrator

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    Tutorial C++ How to Make Rapid Fire h4ck

    Post by ChaoticRift on Mon May 04, 2015 10:53 pm

    Template to work with can be found in the attachments "DirectX chams + Rapid fire h4ck"

    Here is a very simple tutorial on how to write rapid fire code, this can work for almost any game, but at the same time it isn't as powerful as game specific rapid fire e.g. memory editing the time between shots. Also I speak about the issue some people have been having with this Direct-X wrapper .

    Note: checking this video's comments on youtube will give you a pretty interesting argument between two members clear.png.

    Thats it, very simple and will work on almost all games, download the full source from the attachments "DirectX AUTOFIRE" and if this doesnt work for a random game then not much I can do, but it should work on most. Otherwise if your still having problems then post Here.

    DirectX chams + Rapid fire h4ck file:http://guidedhacking....load&fileid=28

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