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    [GUIDE] Learning the Basics of C/C++

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    [GUIDE] Learning the Basics of C/C++

    Post by ChaoticRift on Mon May 04, 2015 10:55 pm

    A lot of people have been asking this question, and thats what this forum is flooded with. I was hoping to come into this forum and see a little bit of knowledge passed around; however, it hasn't been. So, since I have nothing better to do at the moment, I decided to compile a list of very helpful resources. Both from my own personal favorites as well as a few given from gameuser.

    To start with, what do you want to use C/C++ for anyway?
    If you want to start writing games, you're definately a far cry away from that. However, it wouldn't hurt to start now because it will take you time to learn anyway.

    Game design/programming - To begin there have been a lot of suggestions by people, and the ones I consider reliable are real game programmers. From what, as well as a few programmers from Blizzard Entertainment have told me. They say your better off by just learning C++, mainly because that is the primary language for the graphical libs; DirectX, OpenGL, SDL, etc. However, it is true that C++ is a superset of C.

    Also it has been recommended that before you get into DirectX and OpenGL kinda stuff, that you have a good undertanding of the Win32 API first, you don't need to know every little detail but it helps.

    But lets get the party started by sharing a few very good C/C++ sites with extremely useful tutorials:


    Will be updated with more information, when information is found, or someone suggests a good link.


    The C Programming Language - Kernighan and Ritchie - / Google.PDF /
    The C++ Programming Language - Stroustrup -
    Starting Out With C++: Standard Version - Gaddis -
    The Geometry Toolbox for Graphics and Modeling - Gerald E. Farin, Dianne Hansford -
    Programming Windows, Fifth Edition - Charles Petzold -
    Essential Mathematics for Games and Interactive Applications, First Edition : A Programmer's Guide - James M. Van Verth, Lars M. Bishop -

    [Newbie/No Programming Experience] -- Most commonly posted site for tutorials, decent in my opinion. It gives you a very quick and broad overview of the language. -- Decent beginners tutorials. However, like most books they use a lot of computer terms. -- Great site with lots of tutorials for all skill levels, when it's up that is... - Same thing that was doing for free until they started charging you for the tutorials. The great part about this is you get them for FREE! - Numerous tutorials that range from good to bad, and skilled to newbie. - Links to a LOT of other tutorials that are not yet listed here. - Site titled "Learn C++ in 21 Days"

    [Intermediate] -- Decently written OpenGL tutorials, lacks a bit of function definition but good overall, and highly linked to. He has bad coding habits, so don't copy and paste the stuff, just use it for learning. -- Once you've learned to program, you should start developing a good programming style so other programmers dont have to decode what you're trying to say. I agree with 80% of this document, so just use it as a guideline. - Very well written tutorials, they have a LARGE variety of them as well. Most of them are in the Demos section, they will be adding articles soon! - Good reference for OpenGL Functions, similar setup to manpages. - Great site, full of content, and explains OpenGL VERY well. - More technical than the red version, and again LOTS of content. - Contains a lot of links to informational pages on the selected subject. - NEWLY ADDED - The DirectX version of NeHe's tutorials. - An interesting way to teach OpenGL, havent tried it but I will soon. It's tutoring application that visually teaches you the library. - Great DirectX tutorials, however he uses a wrapper to teach you how to use them. So it's definately not a good way to learn. - NEWLY ADDED - Decent place to get started on DirectX or OpenGL, coding by example, usually a bad way of learning, but thats why it's in the advanced section. - DirectX 8 Tutorials, however they are decently written. DirectX 8 was the last version to using the old fasion BitBlt() function. MSDN is ALWAYS a bookmark, and should be for ANY programmer. - has a lot of resources, very helpful for OpenGL ofcourse. - OpenGL tutorial that uses Language C. - A LOT OF TUTORIALS! - NEWLY ADDED

    [Advanced] Good tutorials, and very technical. - A lot of topics are discussed here, very informational. - NEWLY ADDED - This one varies on skill levels, lots of advanced stuff here though. -- Programming as a profession? Want to keep your job? This documentation will help you write unmaintainable code, so if they fire you. They will have one hell of a time trying to figure out your code.

    [Video Tutorials]

    * I don't really think video tutorials teach a beginning user much, but some people might be able to learn from them. So, I decided to add this section to the list. * - Video tutorial that is split into 16 parts. The guy has a UK Accent, and is not entirely boring to listen to. Submitted by kratos15

    [C/C++ IDE's] - NEWLY ADDED - Popular free IDE for both *nix and Win32 - Another popular free IDE recommended, also if you plan on using this don't forget to download the Platform SDK - The famous Java IDE can also be a C/C++ IDE with a somewhat simple plug-in installation

    [Graphic Libraries] - NEWLY ADDED

    Game Hacking University - A great large listing of game hacking tutorials. Including tutorials on creating trainers in C/C++ as well as a few other hacks.

    [Graphic Libraries] - Simple DirectMedia Layer (SDL) - Quick and easy to learn 2D Library, that also works very well with OpenGL - A lot like SDL, but not as "clean" as SDL

    [align=center]*** There is a variety of Game/Graphic Developement Engines and Libraries, I will just list a few that I have found ***

    [Game/Graphic Engines] - Object-oriented Graphics Rendering Engine - 3D - Irrlicht Engine Open Source - 3D - Some what a library and somewhat an engine - 2D

    A lot more to Come ! clear.png

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