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    Point Blank Brazil Features

    Head Administrator
    Head Administrator

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    Point Blank Brazil Features

    Post by ChaoticRift on Mon May 04, 2015 5:09 pm

    Options - Visible Only (Aim Only Visible Players)
    Options - Friendly (Aim to your friends)
    Options - Target Lock (Lock Aim until you kill player or player disappear from your screen)
    Options - Spawn Check (Check if player has spawn protection enabled)
    Options - Auto-Fire (You just need to move, the hack does the rest)
    Options - Auto-Fire  Speed (Choose the auto-fire speed)
    Options - Show Selected Bone
    Aim - Distance
    Aim Method - Distance
    Aim Method - XHair
    Aim Method - FOV
    Aim Method - FOV Manager
    Bone Selection - Head (Aim to the head)
    Bone Selection - Chest (Aim to the chest)
    Bone Selection - Advanced (Custom Aim , Aim to where you want)

    ESP Options, Name Tags - Friend (Show your friend name)
    ESP Options, Name Tags - Enemy (Show your enemy name)
    ESP Options, Health - Friend (Show your friend HP)
    ESP Options, Health - Enemy (Show your enemy HP)
    ESP Options, Skeleton - Friend (Show an Skeleton in your friend location)
    ESP Options, Skeleton - Enemy (Show an Skeleton in your enemy location)
    ESP Options, 2D Box - Enemy (Show an 2D Box in your enemy location)
    ESP Options, 2D Line - Friend (Show an 2D Line in your friend location)
    ESP Options, 2D Line - Enemy (Show an 2D Line in your enemy location)
    Keys - Master (Default Key: Insert)
    Keys - Menu (Default Key: Delete)
    Keys - Aimbot (Default Key: Shift)
    Options - Clock
    Options - Clock Auto-Center
    Options - Crosshair (Recommended for snipers)
    Options - Crosshair Color
    Options - No Recoil Spread

    Red = Best and most used features


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