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    Crossfire VIP Features With Definitions New

    Head Administrator
    Head Administrator

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    Crossfire VIP Features With Definitions New

    Post by ChaoticRift on Mon May 04, 2015 4:59 pm

    Visible Only (Only aims at people who are visible, doesn't aim through walls.)
    Friendly (Aims At Members on your team)
    Auto Aims ( Automatically aims)
    Target locks (Keeps the aimbot locked onto the target until the target dies)
    Aim Distance (Calculates the maximum amount of distance required before the aimbot will ignore
    Aim Method:
    Distance (Enables Aim Distance as mentioned above)
    XHair (Locks onto the target closet to your crosshair)
    FOV ( This stands for "Field of View". It is the angle at which the aimbot will target people. To have it aim at targets closer to your crosshair, set it lower (this will make you look more legit) The slider allows you to customize the FOV that fits your interests.)

    Bone Selection
    Head (Aims only at the targets head)
    Chest (Aims only at the targets chest)
    Advanced (Choose where the aimbot aims, head,chest, arms, nuts,legs)

    ESP Options (Extra sensory perception)
    Draw Friendly (Shows Your Team Mates when ESP features are selected)
    Draw Enemy (Shows your enemies when ESP features are selected)
    Name Tags ( Shows Friends and Enemies names )
    Health (Displays Your Friends and Enemies Health)
    Skeleton (Turns Your body and other player bodies into stick like forms)
    2D Box (Draws a 2 dimensional box which enables you to see your enemies or friends through the walls perfectly.)
    Lines (Draws lines to each individual player)

    Master ( Select a hotkey to automatically disable all of the active hacks, default hotkey is Insert.)
    Menu (Select a hotkey to open and close the hack menu, the default hotkey is delete
    Aimbot (Customizable hotkey that automatically activates the aimbot)
    Enables a Clock
    Auto Center (Automatically Centers the Clock to the center of your screen)
    No Recoil (This feature will disable the recoil for all guns. Recoil is the slight kick that causes your crosshair to move up when you fire.)
    No Spread: This option, when selected, will remove the spread on all guns. Spread is what makes your bullets drift away from the center of the crosshair.
    Mini Map (Enables a map which you can equip over your current map to display a accurate display of where your enemies are on the map. You are able to customize the size of the dots and the map.

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